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iDiamonds: We make it easy to buy her jewelry

iDiamonds: We make it easy to buy her jewelry

iDiamonds is the only website dedicated to helping men buy jewelry for women – without going insane. We understand that men can be intimidated by jewelry shopping. That's why we built a team of jewelry, e-commerce and UX experts to make the process simple and stress-free.

Remember: regardless of how much you pay for it, a diamond is only worth as much as she loves it.

How Are We Different?

Our jewelry is for women, but our store is for men.
We help men who want to make their better halves happy (without breaking the bank).

Let's be honest: Do you really care about the 4C's? You shouldn't. It's just a tool to make you believe that you're not getting ripped off. Unfortunately, many men feel intimidated by all the terminology involved in buying diamond jewelry, and end up spending a lot of money on diamonds only professional jewelers can appreciate.

We guarantee that your hard-earned dollars are spent on certified, high quality diamond jewelry and engagement rings she will love.

100% Bulls**t-Free Diamonds

Our solemn promise to you: No B.S.
What's the difference between these rings? One has slightly less depth than the other.
Can you notice it? Will she notice it? We think not.
But the price difference is $1,152.

Do you think that's bulls**t? We do too. That's why our rings are less expensive and better-looking than other jewelry sites and stores. We offer diamonds that are big and beautiful to the naked eye.

Will she be happier because you paid an extra $1,000 for something she can't even see without a microscope? If you're not sure, order our Should I Say "Yes" Loupe today.
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Are Our Diamonds Certified?

All diamonds on are certified.
In addition to the diamond’s GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification, each diamond is thoroughly inspected by our expert team of gemologists. We select jewelry based on more than just quality standards. We match the ring setting and metal type to maximize the diamond’s beauty and spark, while giving you the best possible price. Whether a diamond, a pearl, or virtually any other stone, iDiamonds’ gemologists guarantee that you select from quality gems.

Jewelry Superheroes

Based in the New York City diamond district, iDiamonds’ all-star executive team lives and breathes for one purpose: To help you buy diamond jewelry without going insane.
Dan Gildoni, CEO
Dan Gildoni
Greg Kunin, Marketing Strategist
Greg Kunin
Vlad D'atch, Software Architect
Vlad D'atch
Rachel Doades, Art Director
Rachel Doades
Isan Rivkin, Affiliate Manager
Isan Rivkin

iDiamonds to the Rescue

Our team understands how intimidating and overwhelming the jewelry shopping process can be. We're here to help. You can call or text us at 1.800.501.3312, send us an email, put up the Bat-Signal, or use the contact form below and one of our superstar team members will help you out. Who knows, you may even get a call from our CEO. He loves talking to our customers. For hours.

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